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Sunday, August 26, 2007


IT Seems that Most of Iranians Are Still living A Year Behind!
The Year Of The Dog Was Last Year!
Let Go My Leg, You Son Of A B!tCh!


You Know What is cool about "Son Of A B!itch"?
If You call A Foreigner: Son Of A B!tch
He'd Take a meaningful look at you and ask:
Oh YEah? Prove It!
But If You Call An Iranian: Son Of A B!tch
Let Alone You, He'd Start Calling Your Mom and sis and... bla bla bla, as well!

Oh! I wasnt MEaning you!
I was talking about THAT IRANIAN IDIOT!i

Ps: Eminem Has Translated The Gibberish Title Of This Post Earlier Here
By The Way, you'd better not Ask About the relationship between eminem and Iranian Idiot
thats for your own good

اين روزها خيلي ها يك سال از دنيا عقب مانده اند!
سال سگ پارسال بود...
پاچمو ول كن، كره خر*!


مي دونيد چي در مورد كره خر يا هر كلمهء ديگه اي از اين دست جالبه؟
اگه به يه خارجي بگين كره خر
طرف يه نگاه عاقل اندر سفيه مي اندازه بهت و ميگه:
واقعا؟ اثبات كن!
ولي اگه به يه ايراني بگين كره خر
كره خر كه سهله
هر چي فحش "كش" دار و خواهر و مادر و خاله و عمه تونو...

اوه! منظورم از ايراني شما نبودين!
منظورم اون احمق ايرانيه ست!

پ.ن.: ترجمهء تيتر نا مفهوم اين نوشته رو Eminem قبلا اينجا ترجمه كرده.
توصيه مي كنم در مورد روابط ايرينين ايديت و Eminem چيزي نپرسيد!

* - اين جا قاعدتا بايد كلمهء "پدرسگ" باشه، اما من هر چقدر نگاش مي كنم، مي بينم "كره خر" رو بيشتر ترجيح ميدم!

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