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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1253 - Greyhound

I know for a fact that,
people get offended
by your meaningfulness
in contrast with their own

من می دانم،
افراد از معنادار بودن تو
در مقابل بی معنی بودن خودشان
به شدت دچار توهین می شوند!

1252 - Blue Queen

How many of you really know
who you are
what you are
and why were you born at all?

چند نفر از شما واقعا می داند
که هستید
چه هستید
و برای چه بوجود آمده اید؟

1251 - Magic Art

Believe me
Only a professional pianist
knows how to scrape your back
for you to get goose bumps!

باور کن
فقط یک پیانیست کاربلد
میداند چگونه بر پشت ات چنگ بزند
که موهای تن ات سیخ شود!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

1250 - Dirty hands

You see these hands???
They are just here to achieve!
To Get what they wanna,
And To grasp whatever I desire!

To hold up whatever they want
or pull down whatever they want,
Either your skirt
Or your Skirt!

این دستان را می بینی؟
آنها برای بدست آوردن خلق شده اند!ا
برای گرفتن هر آن چه که می خواهند
و برای به چنگ آوردن هر چه عشقش را دارند!ا

برای بالا بردن هر آنچه که بخواهند
و برای پایین آوردن هر آنچه که دوست داشته باشند،ا
خواه دامن تو
خواه دامن تو!ا

1249 - The Great Lover

One shall not lose his mind against beautiful bodies
And not lose his deepest sentiments against beautiful minds.

Lose yourself completely:
When both are present.
در برابر بدن های زیبا نباید عقل
و در برابر ذهن های زیبا نباید احساسات عمیق را از دست داد.

در موقعیت های نادری که هر دو مهیاست
بایدت خود را فنا کردن!

Monday, November 19, 2012

1248 - Of A Heart Part 9

Not sure about magic,
but one thing for sure;
bed is where all the destruction happens!

...for a lifetime!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

1247 - Of a Heart Part 8


You know...
When she's holding a gun
aiming at your head
to end your life and all you've got,
and all you see is a sexy wink,
And nothing ever seems to
cross your mind to think...

You're in love!
You're in love!
You're in love!
You stupid fuck!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1246 - Of a heart Part 7


Sometimes you find a concept
and you start defining everything by means of it;
Your Feelings, insanities, desires, hopes and dreams, your whole self...


And sometimes you MAKE that concept
And start killing everything you own by means of it;
You feelings, insanities, desires, hopes and dreams, your whole self...

1245 - Of a heart Part 6

4:37 AM

Funny thing about falling in love is,
In every demanding act of yours,
There is a reflection of your ex lovers actions
those who once begged your love
and you didn't give it to them
because of how ridiculous it felt to you
So you try not to be walking the same path,
Looking like the same familiar stupor!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

1244 - Of a heart Part 5


A bleeding heart must exist,
for a man to be an artist.

Someone's gotta get your heart to bleed.
May I?

1243 - Of a heart Part. 4

I can lie down on your bed and watch you get dressed until your friends get here...
May I?

1242 - Of a heart Part. 3

Look at her!
Just look at her, Entirely!

The beautiful ones
Are the most dangerous ones.

Beauty is desirable but not enough when you're conscious.

Pour me some cognac,
I want the thought of that woman
burn me in my own lovely hell.

1241 - Of a heart Part. 2


Walking down the old streets
revisiting the memories...

Nothing looks the same,
neither does it feel that way anymore.

I'm looking at the faces
passing me by,
hoping to see a familiar one!

What am I yearning for?
I must have lost the track of time,
by means of everything!

1240 - Of a heart Part.1

That slippery moment
when there comes a woman,
who conflicts your soft instinctual, innocent, fragile senses
with all the rigid adulthood lessons you learned in years...

Oh Boy...
Oh Man...
Oh My...

Thursday, November 08, 2012

1239 - Who are you?

Eat shit!
10 billion flies can't be wrong!

گه بخورید!
ده میلیارد مگس اشتباه نمی کنند!

Friday, November 02, 2012

1238 - Think! It's not illegal yet

If you think you're thinking, well, Think again!
اگر فکر می کنید که دارید فکر می کنید، یه بار دیگه راجع بهش فکر کنید!

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