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Friday, February 29, 2008


My Fellow Iranians, Ladies and Gentlemen (huh?)!

I've got something Unchewed and undigested in my mouth for you
That I Spit it out in my hands
and Gift it to you!
To You To Chew it
Spit it out and pass it forward to the next one
until we find another one
who'd dare to confess this fact: We The Iranians, Are The scum of the fkng Earth!

That Unchewed Thing is:
Your Next Week's Friday
Another different day for me,
and perhaps another great ordinary day for other people of the world
and A Black and boring one with the smell of mourn, For you, my friend in Iran!
I Mean, better saying
Its gonna be the Decease date For Muslim's Prophet: "Mohammad", in Iran
and the date for the only Big Rock & Metal Festival in the middle east and the arabs in the Islamic country: Emirates
and Anyone who will go there from other countries for that, including me!

The Fact That
This Coincidence Unlike the "Ashoura" *, is not a Matter of sunni and shia' at all
we, the iranians,
have made something totally different and special out of this religion
that Arabs brang to this land centuries ago
which consists of:
Death and Death Worshiping
Opression And discourtesy,
Madness and war for ideology...
Some things That Arab governments dont support it officially,
is gonna be discussed some other time!

Now You Only must Look at that
Half chewed thing I have already put in your hands!
And See If You can dare To consider in,
then Put it in your mouth,
and Taste it in your brain, and give your own self the description!
Then Spit it out and Pass it forward to the next one...
Or Otherwise
Dump it, and Wash your Bloody sinner hands!
and Swear
to your own god
That You Wont Ever Think... AGAIN!i

* - 636

خانم ها و آقايان ايراني!

من در دهانم براي شما يك چيز نجويده و هضم نشده دارم:
كه تف مي كنم در دستانم،
تقديم ميكنم به شما!
تا شما هم بجويد
تف كنيد براي نفر بعدي
تا اينكه بالاخره شايد كس ديگري هم پيدا شود
جرات كند اعتراف كند: ما ايراني ها، جماعت وازدهء روي كرهء زمين هستيم!

آن چيز نجويده
جمعهء هفتهء بعد
يك روز متفاوت ديگر براي من
يك روز حسابي معمولي ديگر براي مردمان دنيا
و يك جمعهء سياه و كسل كنندهء ديگر با بوي عزا، براي توست، دوست ساكن ايران من!
روز رحلت پيامبر بزرگ اسلام براي ايراني ها
و روز تنها فستيوال بزرگ راك و متال خاورميانه براي عرب هاي كشور امارات،
و هر كس كه از كشورهاي سراسر دنيا به آن جا پا مي گذارد، مثل من!

اين انطباق برخلاف واقعهء عاشورا اصلا يك مسئلهء سني و شيعي * نيست
ما از ديني كه
عرب ها، قرن ها پيش
به اين سرزمين آوردند
چيزي ساخته ايم شامل:
مرگ و مرده پرستي،
چوب و چماغ،
ديوانگي، جنگ براي ايدئولوژي...
كه خود دولت هاي عربي از آن حمايت نمي كنند،
بماند براي وقتي ديگر.

فعلا به اين چيز جويده اي كه در دستانتان گذاشته ام نگاه كنيد!
و ببينيد اگر جرات تفكر كردن پيدا مي كنيد
آن را در دهان گذاشته،
و در مغزتان آن را مزه كرده، براي خودتان توصيف كنيد!
سپس تف كرده به نفر بعدي بدهيد.
در غير اين صورت
بندازيدش دور، و به سرعت دستان خونين و گناه كارتان را بشوييد!
توبه كرده
قسم بخوريد
براي خداي خودتان
كه ديگر... فكر نمي كنيد!

* - 636

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Idiot Says:
The Biggest Misunderstanding Among Iranians And Themselves
is that the word "Culture",
- a Big, Ancient and a 2 or 3 thousand year old one -
has been defined as an Equivalent to "High Personality and great Sense of humour and wisdom".

For the kind of people
Who have become such savages
that live everyday life, Biting each other these days!

ايديت مي گويد:
بزرگترين سوء تفاهم ايراني ها در مورد خودشان،
اينست كه واژه اي چون "فرهنگ"،
- آن هم يكي از انواع گندهء 2 - 3 هزار ساله اش -
در زبان فارسي، معادل "شعور، شخصيت و رفتار اجتماعي" قرار گرفته است!

براي آدم هايي كه اين روزها
آنقدر وحشي شده اند
كه با گاز گرفتن همديگر زندگي مي كنند!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Old School Rock N' Roll

Idiot Have had Major Mental Changes Recently!

At Least
He Doesnt or rarely Wear His Converse Shoes These Days!

ايديت تازگي ها از لحاظ فكري تغييرات بزرگي كرده!

حداقل اين روزها كمتر كانورس مي پوشد يا اصلا نمي پوشد!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Idiot's Evolution

If You are Already Reading This note
I Should Admit that You Have succeeded in one hell of an IQ Test!

Results: You Are An internet Maniac!


اگر در حال حاضر داريد اين نوشته را مي خوانيد
بايد بگويم شما در حال حاضر از يك تست IQ سربلند بيرون آمده ايد!

نتيجه: IQ شما در حد يك معتاد به اينترنت است!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back To Black

4 years After the day I Closed that Car Door On you
I'm thinking about a life that you don't belong to anymore.
You Go Back to someone else or so many other ones
And I lay down here
Thinking about this fact that:
With All These Words And Pains I'm through,
Love Didnt Amuse My crazy self basically, Never Evaaa...
...And it Still Doesnt!
Neither Yours Nor Anybody Else's Does.

4 سال پس از اون روزي كه در ماشين رو روي تو بستم
به زندگي اي فكر مي كنم كه تو در آن نيستي.
تو مي روي سراغ كس يا كسان ديگري
من مي مانم اينجا
در فكر اين موضوع كه:

با تمام اين حرف ها و درد هايي كه به آن مبتلا هستم،
اساسا چيزي به نام عشق هم، كلهء خراب من را گرم نكرد...
... و هنوز هم نمي كند!
نه مال تو نه هيچ كس ديگري.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Heart Shaped Box

Today is valentine's Day!

During These couple of years of blogging
I Always liked to Write something
And Title It with Nirvana's:
Heart Shaped Box
in Such a day.

I Think I've already Did!

ps: Did anybody Burn His girlfriend on such a day?

امروز ولنتاينه!

توي اين چند سال
هميشه دوست داشتم يه چنين روزي
يه پست بنويسم كه اسم تايتلش
Heart Shaped Box
نيروانا باشه!

فكر كنم نوشتم!

پي نوشت: بين شما كسي نيست كه دوست دخترش رو آتيش زده باشه؟!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


مستند دانشگاه هاي ايران:
اينجا يكي از دانشگاه هاي ايران است! جمعيتي از نر و ماده...


Direct download Link: http://www.sharebig.com/share.php?id=s11hpprpumsYhzpyx

Password: goozpichak

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Have a Break, Have a Tit Tat

The Taste Of People's Tits Are Different From One To Another!

According To The Fact That
You Dont Look at Your Mom's Tits
The Same way you Do
at Your Girlfriend's
Doctor X's Wife!

Not Only The Tits,
"Tits" here is just a Simile!

The Bad Boy

مزهء ممه هاي آدم ها با هم فرق مي كنه!

نشون به اون نشون كه آدم به ممهء
دوست دخترهاش
خانم آقاي دكتر به يك چشم نگاه نمي كنه!

نه فقط هم ممه؛
ممه اينجا فقط يك استعاره است!

بچهء بد!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Iron Fkng Maiden

People Who Doesnt Like Iron Maiden
Has Got Only 2 Choices:

They Must Attend At One of Their Live Shows
Or Either Pull The Trigger to Their Head!i

This Includes You Too!i

Ps.: I Was There... I Was There... I Was There...i

آدم هايي كه از Iron Maiden خوششون نمياد
دو راه دارند:

يا اينكه به يكي از كنسرت هاشون برن
يا اينكه درجا يه گلوله توي مغزشون خالي كنن!

اين موضوع شامل حال تو هم ميشه!

پي نوشت: من اونجا بودم... من اونجا بودم... من اونجا بودم...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Falling Away From Me

i...I Dont know Whats Gonna Happen Tomorrow either!

But I know
Among All Those tomorrows, There Will be One Specific Day that I'll Bring it out, in Which I'll be smiling at
All the Bitterness of the present days.


...من هم نمي دانم فردا چه خواهد شد!

اما مي دانم
در ميان فرداها روزي را بيرون خواهم كشيد كه در آن دارم به تمام تلخي هاي زندگي امروز
لبخند ميزنم!


Monday, February 04, 2008


I'm thinking of a Drity Sexy Note
So That It Can Justify This ACCESS DENIED weblog!i

دارم به يك نوشتهء كثيف سكسي فكر مي كنم
كه بتونه فيلتر شدن اين وبلاگ لعنتي رو توجيه كنه!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Try Michael Buble or Jane Monheit!

There Are a couple of things that can be considered in a Woman's Words
Who has just got a glass of Gin And Tonic, that Make Her say:
"Oh No! It is Strong, But It's Perfect! Thank You!"

A Desire To ignore Time,
And at last:
A Decision of Provisional Commitment, in a place a lil bit more Private...i

چند چيز در لحن زني كه تازه كوكتيلي از Gin و Tonic دريافت كرده، وجود دارد
كه باعث مي شود بگويد:
"اوه نه! اين يك كمي قوي هست، اما عاليه! ممنونم!"

احترام و وقار،
هيجان زدگي،
ميل به فراموش كردن زمان
و در آخر
عزم به سرسپردگي اي مشروط، در جايي كمي خصوصي تر...
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