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Saturday, August 04, 2007


There Are Still Unanswered Questions Which Makes you
Come Back From OUter Space, Down Here, Sit And Write:

Hey Girl! Is This You Who Can give sufficient excuses to your taskmaster Parents
Or Is it your Parents Who have reached the conclusion that its time for you to get married or sth?

p.s. You Were a one way road from the other side when you were 16

هنوز هستن سوال های بی جوابی که باعث میشه
آدم از فضا برگرده و بیاد اینجا و بنویسه:

دختر جون! این تو هستی که دیگه توی این سن خوب بلد شدی مامان بابا رو بپیچونی
یا مامان بابا اینا هستن که به این نتیجه رسیده اند که وقت شوهر کردنته؟

پ.ن.: 16 سالت که بود از اون سر یک طرفه بودی!

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