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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Demonstrations in Iran Heated Up on Saturday

Picture source: Reuters

Demonstrations in Iran has gone further as there was a big question after Iran's Supreme leader giving threats on his Friday speech. All Mousavi's Supporters were expecting to hear a proper respond to their request of election disannul.i

Before the speech some people were even thinking that Ahmadi Nejad has kept Ayatollah Khameneyi as a hostage in their Coup specially at the time when Iran's Supreme leader was silent.i

Whats more, before Ayatollah Khameneyi's speech on Friday, people were protesting against Ahmadi Nejad and the Election Fraud. But It seems that they have gone further and are now addressing Iran's Supreme leader as the supporter of Ahmadi Nejad in their protests for the cause of the fraud, On Saturday, a day which demonstrators call it "A Day To Remember".i

Demonstrations were held in large numbers of people again and peoples these nights routine: Shouting "Allaho Akbar(God's The Great)" on the houses roof tops were heard louder than Ever!
meanwhile some were shouting "Khameneyi Rahbar (Khameneyi the Leader)" which is basically a rhyme to the "Allaho Akbar" in terms of military forces marchs.i

in Other trustworthy news, a suicide bomber landed in "Ayatollah Rohollah Khomeini Shrine" in paraglider in southern Tehran, as it was shown in a video. The number of victims are yet remained different, some news websites say 2 were killed and 8 wounded while some other say that it just wounded 2.i
Demonstrators reaction to this fact is that: "the government is trying to brace Ayatollah Khomeiny's Devotees". yet there hasn't been any reaction to this happening from government yet.i

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