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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iranian Idiot's Very own Reasons Why No Vote for Mousavi - Iran's Presidential Election Special

Please Note: This article is published as a draft due to the shortage of time, corrections might be made afterward. Please accept my apologies.

Believe it or not, Ahmadi Nejad is a Phenomenon!
A Phenomenon that rised 4 years ago in Iran. An unknown person or yet to be known who was only known Tehran's mayor at the time. I remember when he was a candidate, people were laughing at him and his thoughts and they were making fun of him. even when he was elected as the time's Iran's president, all the scorns were still coming. something that has become a routine among people in Iran via text messages or at their family gatherings. until all those ridiculous thoughts turned to national laws and were about to be obeyed and that was the time when people realized that Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad believes in whatever he says. and this was the time when his beliefs turned peoples laughs into sobs!
Ahmadi Nejad is a serious matter according to Iranians or even global issues, even though he is a vain individual for some people! The thing that a large number of people in Iran are gathered together to stop this phenomenon from winning the Iran's presidential election on Friday says it all!
He is somebody who is popular among at least Iranians in small cities and the ruler of Iran supports him even in Iran's Presidential election.

On the other hand, a large number of people who live in big cities, are supporting Mousavi (who claims he is reformist) on the other side of the pole where Ahmadi Nejad (the conservative candidate).

But Why saying NO to Mousavi?

There was this article from "Shahabnews website" who is dedicated to Reformists and specially Mousavi with the title: "7 Key tips for those who deprecate the present situation: Arise!" . A motivating article for the public of the big cities (PBC) who's difference from public in the small cities is just that their lifestyle is tawdry and depends on their very own Iranian comprehension from western culture through satellite TVs and internet. I personally believe that they just dont know what they want in a candidate or the election, nor they dont know who they are voting to. they are just trying to stop Ahmadi Nejad from being elected as the next president. For example:

In this article, the writer precisely asks you to participate in the presidentila election. but what is the reason? its just: "The major issue is a 3 word question: Ahmadi Nejad, Yes/No?" the writer says.

This Article starst with a paragraph that inspires the reader that he is a from a party of people who KNOWS THE TRUTH and thinks the right thing, and starts giving him guidances which are rather unsubstantial in some terms!

Shahab News: "So arise today! Use your every single moment to inform the society and people from the truth [...]"

Inform! if you walk in Tehrans streets these days you'll see supporting youths of Mousavi, wearing green, dancing, shouting, - which is a prohibited thing even in privacy but its somehow OK during the election as you dont find any of those Moral Police that you used to see on the other days - Girls asking you to vote for Mousavi, and when you ask Why Mousavi? "You just Vote! please! Ok?!" they say in return!

Shahab News: "The Issue is not the electing this or that, the major issue is stop those who took Iran and Iranians to the edge from being elected!

So this means that the only reason that these people are gonna participate in voting for the next president is to Stop Ahmadi Nejad! So what do all these posters that claim "CHANGE" (!) mean at all? What change? What are the plans for that? Or regarding another issue: who took Iran and Iranians to the edge? those who won people's 17 million votes previously?

This website and its special article asks people to call others or text message them, send them e-mail (as I first got this through my e-mail) changing the Yahoo 360 profiles into green, or Green facebook profile pictures!

Well Thank for the guidances that politics behind all these has given, seeing those people around us and in our privacy which is such an important issue ( at least for me which is personally so different from or better saying against all the norms of the law and government) was something that made us to consider more into our privacy and those around us. those who we thought are like us! If I call this "Green Flu", I'd say I found 2-3 affected example of the Green Flu in my very own restricted Facebook profile which really made me reconsider.
That individual who was sacked from University and migrated to America! which tells me that America is full of people so waste of green card!
Or Those whose privacy's atmosphere is totally different from the ideologic atmosphere of the society! and were supposed to be like me but...
and so many other examples that will be mentioned in a short paragraphs.

Shahab news calls a specific style of people: Those youths who were opposed by the Moral Police.
You see, I AM one of the typical opposed youths by the police by all means! With my long and curely hair and being a fan of Hard Rock music and not even Metal music which all in all are defined as "Satanists" and it results in "infidels" and all the circumstances after that for just listening to Metallica or Scorpions let alone all the Metal Genres, anyway, Having all that said I'd like to say that All those Moral Police Vans clearly show that these people in green outfits of police and security are just enough insecure for me which made me to drive in my car rather than walking in the pedestrians, and again I can listen to my favorite music with my favorite rock style outfit.
To me the issue of the Moral police is not that dangerous that it is when you see people around you, who have done heavy make up, or drink in their privacy, or their severe criticism of the government in their privacy and any other "Immoral signs" doing something that totally goes right with the "Moral Signs" of the government that they claim that they dont believe in or etc. To Me, personally, these polar behaviours are more dangerously than those Moral police who have even dressed very specifically to express their very special manner!
Or as it is for my very natural curely hair, Nothing is more insecuring, dangerous or averse that the staring look of all the people to me and the "Unnatural" thing about me and whatever I am. that style of hair that sometimes led me to fights or getting me nervous in fast foods and cafes and all the public places.
Considering all these, Who is more dangerous? All these sort of people that exist every single where or the Moral police which stop by in special places, round abouts of the city?

I still would like to talk about some other issues that I face when observing Iranian people these days, specially those who are Mousavi supporters:

- They say No to Ahmadi Nejad, But Who instead?
- Why Mousavi? Just because he is not another Ahmadi Nejad, it gives him the authority?
- All you youths who thing you are the intellectuals of the society, 3 cm's shorter bermuda pants or listening out loud to music while driving in your cars is just enough for you as a CHANGE?
- Metal heads in Iran tell me we could held a public concert when Khatami was the president! What Metal concert? Sitting on a chair? with no head bangs? no devil horns or as authorities would say: "immoral signs"? no signs of giving out the damn energy? No vocals? or Players who are standing on the stage like scarecrows with no movement? and mostly sucking so many b.... to get the authorization for such a concert for a long period of time? I'd like to ask what do they KNOW about Metal concerts? They are a just a bunch of depressed individuals, Dead men walking! And no Protesters!
- Mousavi doesn't have what it takes to speak as a politician! Karoubi talks about issues like the majority of people, Ahmadi Nejad is well known around the world, and Rezayi talks like the managers with prestige but I am not sure how much those around him would like to misuse their power for money and all that. though still there is/are (a) choice (s) for me among all these.
- Iranian people forget the history easily! 12 years ago such people rised and voted for Khatami against Nategh Nouri. Where did that rush of people reached after 8 years? Despair from the Reformists and then Ahmadi Nejad.
- Iranian People will repeat the history: 4 years after Mousavi is elected for Irans Next president (if elected) "I was fixing whatever Ahmadi Nejads destructed"! Mousavi would say.
- 4 Years after that 4 years: (again if elected) "They didn't let me do all those reforms that I wanted to do." Mr Reformist would say. Even Karoubi knows what I'm saying!
- Mousavi supporters in this election who are counted to be the intellectuals of the Iranian society (!), they completely proved that the majority of the people in Iran are completely used to the bog that they have created themselves and are used to and OK with it.
you can find the proof for this statement when you hear a memorable statement from the supporters of Mousavi saying: "We don't expect things to get better, we just don't want it to get worst than this!" or "If Mousavi comes, The conditions wont get worst even if it doesn't get any better."
This so called Intellectual part of Iranian people are grouped in two: Those who cant go to other countries, or even they could they just don't get the right side of the western manners and culture, and they are always dealing with something weird, or just shopping from a few known brand names or getting tanned on the sea shore or pool side!

I swear these people don't know what democracy is! Those who talk about reforms - with 8 years of "Reforms" - they don't know what reform is! Those who talk of Change, don't know what Change is! They just don't know what they want, they only know what they don't want!

I will vote! and unlike my style and what public would guess when they know who I go for if I'd ever gonna vote for somebody, I'm not a reformist! I'm not a part of this "green bog". I unfortunately will vote for Ahmadi Nejad even I'm not his supporters and way on different polls from his supporters! I've got this other theory of mine which not even Shahab news (specially in the 7th Paragraph), nor none of you people who think you know the truth, nor those who think you have understood me and have known me, haven't counted in your calculations yet!i

PS famous last words of Mousavi on his last appearance before the election on TV:
1- I'm a Militia (Basij)
2- I Want my supporters to regard the islamic norms. (Addressing people dancing and shouting for him)i

PS.: Monday 6/15/09 Hoping for a riot when writing this, Never expecting that it actually would happen!

باور كنيد يا نه احمدي نژاد يك پديده است!

پديده اي كه در 4 سال قبل ظهور كرد. فردي تقريبا گمنام و شناخته نشده كه مي رفت شناخته شود و تا آن زمان فقط او را به اسم شهردار تهران مي شناختند. يادم مي آيد خندهء آدم هايي كه به او و افكارش مي خنديدند و آن را به تمسخر مي گرفتند! با انتخاب شدنش در انتخابات همچنان موج تمسخر ها ادامه داشت. چيزي كه در ميان مردم جامعهء ايران امري روتين و عادي شده است. تا اينكه كم كم تمام آن افكار خنده دار در واقعيت تبديل به قانون شد و مردم درك كردند محمود احمدي نژاد به حرف هايي كه مي زند اعتقاد كامل دارد. و اين اعتقاد او بود كه خنده هاي استهزا آميز را كم كم تبديل به هق هق كرد!
احمدي نژاد در دنياي امروز ايران و حتي جهان مسئلهء مهمي است حتي اگر به چشم بعضي ها نيايد! اين موضوع هم كه در ايران امروز قشر بزرگي از مردم جمع شده اند تا از انتخاب مجدد اين "پديده"ء جامعهء ايران جلوگيري كنند خود گوياي اين حقيقت است كه محمود احمدي نژاد يك موضوع مهم است! اگرچه خيلي ها نخواهند او را ببينند!
فردي كه از محبوبيت خاصي در ميان عامي ترين قشر ايران برخوردار است و رهبر انقلاب اسلامي ايران هم از او حمايت مي كند.

در چنين وضعيتي ديگر قشري از مردم ايران كه بيشتر در شهر هاي بزرگ زندگي مي كنند حمايت خود را از موسوي به عنوان نقطهء مقابل احمدي نژاد اعلام مي كنند! من اسم اين قشر را مردم عامي شهرهاي بزرگ مي نامم!

اما چرا موسوي نه؟

اين نوشتهء "هفت توصیه کلیدی به افراد ناراضی از شرایط فعلی: به‌پا خیزید" از سايت شهاب نيوز را بخوانيد. مقاله اي تهييج آميز براي مردمي كه همان آدم هاي عامي هستند تنها زرق و برق زندگيشان متفاوت تر است! به اعتقاد من آن ها نمي دانند چه مي خواهند و به چه كسي راي مي دهند، فقط مي خواهند از انتخاب مجدد احمدي نژاد جلوگيري كنند. به مورد زير توجه كنيد:

در اين مقاله به صراحت از شما مي خواهد كه در انتخابات (به نفع موسوي) شركت كنيد. اما چه دليلي ارائه مي كند؟ ببينيد: "مسئلهء اصلي كه سوال سه كلمه اي است: «احمدي نژاد آري يا نه؟»

اين مقاله كه شروع آن با پاراگرافي است كه به خواننده القا مي كند جز قشري است كه حقايق را مي داند (!!!) و درست فكر مي كند (!)، شروع به دادن رهنمود هايي مي كند كه بعضا مضحك است!

- شهاب نيوز: "بنابراین از همین امروز بپاخیزید. از لحظه لحظه خود برای آگاهی بخشیدن به جامعه و مطلع کردن مردم از حقايق {...} استفاده کنید."

آگاهي بخشيدن! خيلي ها را در خيابان مي بينيد، دختر و پسر كه از شما مي خواهند به موسوي راي بدهيد! وقتي مي پرسيد چرا؟ فقط به شما مي گويند: "شما فقط راي بده! باشه؟!"

- شهاب نيوز: ضمن آن که اصلاً بحث «رای آوردن» فلان شخص یا بهمان شخص نیست؛ بحث اصلی «رای نیاوردن» کسانی است که مردم ایران را به لبه پرتگاه برده‌اند.

صرف شركت شما در انتخابات راي نياوردن ديگران است! پس اين همه پوستر هايي كه حرف از "تغيير يا Change" مي زنند چيست؟! كدام برنامه اي براي تغيير؟ يا مورد ديگر چه كساني مردم ايران را به لبهء پرتگاه برده اند؟ همان كساني كه 17 ميليون راي مردم را در دورهء قبل كسب كردند؟

- شهاب نيوز در مورد چهارم و پنجم مردم را به تماس گرفتن، اس ام اس زدن، ايميل زدن، تغيير فضاي 360 و فيس بوك مي كند!

با تشكر از رهنمود هاي سياستمدار هاي نويسندهء اين مطلب، مي بينيم به عنوان مثال سبز كردن عكس پروفايل دوستان در فيس بوك و غيره باعث شد به عمق روشنفكري اطرافيان خود توجه بيشتري بكنيم و تجديد نظري در تفاوت هاي فكري خود و نزديكانمان داشته باشيم! كساني كه فكر مي كرديم از نوع خودمان هستند! اين پديده را كه اسم آن را "آنفلوآنزاي سبز" مي نامم و با تعجب 2-3 مورد آن در حريم شخصي و محدود اينجانب مشاهده شد، علامت سوال بزرگي را در ذهن من بوجود آورد.
كسي كه در دورهء خاتمي از دانشگاه اخراج شده بودند در حال حاضر در آمريكا دارد طرفداري موسوي مي كند!
افرادي كه فضاي حريم خصوصي شان با فضاي ايدئولوژيك محيط خارج از خانه زمين تا آسمان تفاوت هاي فاحش دارد!
و موارد ديگري از اقشار جامعه كه بازتاب تفكر و رفتارهايشان در ادامه به نقد گرفته مي شود.

- شهاب نيوز در مورد پنجم افرادي را مخاطب قرار مي دهد: همان جواناني كه مخاطب اصلي گشت ارشاد بوده اند.
من به عنوان يكي از مخاطبان اصلي گشت ارشاد، با موهاي فر بلند و طرفدار هارد راك و نه متال - كه گرچه هر دو در تعريفات پليس ايران به "شيطان پرست" (!!!) معني مي شود - بايد عرض كنم، ون هاي گشت ارشاد خود به وضوح نشان مي دادند و اعلام مي كردند اين گونه افرادي كه در لباس پليس و امنيت هستند براي من نا امن هستند كه باعث شد به اين نتيجه برسم در رفت و آمد هايم در سطح شهر بهتر است از ماشين استفاده كنم! كه مي توانم در آن با صدايي معقول موزيك مورد علاقه ام راك را هم گوش كنم و استايلم هماني باشد كه دوست دارم!
اين موضوع گشت ارشاد آنقدر خطرناك تر از اين موضوع نيست كه آدم هايي را دوروبرت داشته باشي كه به صرف ظاهر آرايش كرده يا مشروب خوردنشان و انتقادهايشان از نظام حاكم بر ايران، از درونيات متضاد و متحير كننده شان خبر نداشته باشي! من آدم هايي كه از نظام انتقاد شديد مي كنند و در عين حال در مواقعي رفتاري از خود نشان مي دهند در راستاي رفتارهاي نظامي كه ابراز مي كنند به آن اعتقاد ندارند و روحياتشان متضاد است را بسيار نا امن كننده تر از كساني مي يابم كه در لباسي متحد الشكل چارچوب درون و برون خود را به شكل مشخصي ارائه مي دهند!
يا در مورد نوع موهاي "طبيعي" من، كه به چشم شايد تمام مردم ايران "غير طبيعي" به نظر مي رسد بايد بگويم، هيچ چيز به اندازهء نگاه خيرهء مردم به من و هر آنچه كه هستم خطرناك تر و بيزار كننده تر و نا امن تر وجود ندارد. مويي كه در مواقعي باعث دعوا مي شود، باعث عصبي شدن در محيط هاي شلوغ و... همه و همه اين سوال را باقي مي گذارند: اين مردمي كه همه جا هستند خطرناك ترند يا گشت ارشادي كه در محل هاي مشخصي از ميدان ها و خيابان ها حضور دارند يا رفت و آمد مي كنند؟؟؟

در پايان اين بحث به چند مورد ديگر در مورد مردمي كه نظرشان موسوي است مي پردازم:

- مي گويند احمدي نژاد نه! اين درست اما چه كسي؟
- چرا موسوي؟ آيا صرف اينكه موسوي، احمدي نژاد نيست به او صلاحيت لازم را مي دهد؟
- شما جوانان و دانشجوياني كه فكر مي كنيد روشنفكران جامعه هستيد، 3 سانت پاچهء شلوار كوتاه تر يا آهنگ گوش كردن در ماشين با صداي بلند واقعا كارتان را راه مي اندازد؟!
- متال بازها مي گويند در زمان خاتمي اجازهء كنسرت هاي متال مي دادند! چه كنسرت متالي؟ روي صندلي؟ دست به سينه نشسته، خالي از هدبنگ؟ ممنوع از دادن "علامت هاي غير شان"؟ خالي از تخليهء انرژي؟ بدون خواننده؟ و نوازنده هايي كه مثل مترسك روي صحنه مي ايستند؟ و بالاتر از تمام اين حرف ها كلي ... مالي براي گرفتن مجوز؟؟؟ شما از كنسرت متال واقعا چه مي دانيد؟! شما آدم هاي افسرده ايد، مرده هاي متحرك! نه موجي اعتراضي!
- موسوي در حرف هايش ادبيات يك مرد سياسي پيدا نمي شود! كروبي يك لر عامي است كه حرف هاي كوچه بازاري مي زند. احمدي نژاد را كه همهء دنيا مي شناسند. رضايي حرف ها و شخصيت يك مدير را دارد اما معلوم نيست اطرافيان او بر خلاف خود او چقدر به پر كردن كيسه هاي خود روي آورند. اگر چه براي انتخاب كردن موارد يا مواردي هنوز وجود دارند.
- مردم ايران تاريخ را فراموش مي كنند! خاتمي 4 سال رياست جمهوري كرد و خيلي ها از او مايوس شدند، 4 سال بعد كه انتخاب شد كاملا روشي را در پيش گرفت كه رسما آني نبود كه خودش گفته بود!
- و مردم ايران تاريخ را تكرار مي كنند! 12 سال پيش چنين موجي براي خاتمي و راي نياوردن ناطق نوري راه افتاد. به كجا رسيد آن موج بعد از 8 سال؟ به سرخوردگي از موج اصلاحات و ديگر احمدي نژاد!
- و تاريخ تكرار خواهد شد: 4 سال پس از انتخاب موسوي (در صورت انتخاب): من داشتم خرابكاري هاي دولت نهم را درست مي كردم!
- 4 سال ديگر پس از آن 4 سال: (باز در صورت انتخاب) نگذاشتند من اصلاحاتي كه مي خواستم انجام دهم را انجام دهم! آقاي كروبي هم مي داند چه دستهايي پشت پرده است و من چه سختي هايي كشيدم!
- طرفداران موسوي در اين انتخابات كه جز روشنفكران جامعهء حال و حاضر ايران (!) محسوب مي شوند كاملا اين موضوع را اثبات مي كند كه عمدهء مردم ايران به زندگي در لجن زاري كه خودشان درست كرده اند عادت كرده اند و عادت دارند و با آن خو گرفته اند!
گواه اين حرف هم همين جملات به ياد ماندني است كه: "نمي خواهيم اوضاع از ايني كه هست بهتر بشود، فقط بدتر نشود!" يا "اگر موسوي بيايد اوضاع اگر بهتر نشود بدتر از اين نمي شود."
همين عامهء روشنفكر دو دسته اند: آنهايي كه يا نمي توانند به كشور هاي خارجي بروند، يا اگر مي روند نمي توانند آن نقاط مثبت رفتاري و فرهنگي را ببينند و يا هميشه با چيزي غير عادي درگيرند يا صرفا درگير خريد 4 تا برند مشخص يا برنزه كردن خودشان كنار استخر يا ساحل هستند!

حرف آخر:
شما مردم نمي دانيد دموكراسي چيست! شما كه دم از اصلاحات مي زنيد - با وجود تجربهء 8 سال دوران اصلاحات - هنوز نمي دانيد اصلاحات چيست! شما كه دم از تغيير مي زنيد نمي دانيد تغيير چيست! شما حتي نمي دانيد چه مي خواهيد تنها مي دانيد چه چيزي را نمي خواهيد!!!

من راي خواهم داد! هر كس از اين مردم مرا ببيند فكر مي كند من به موسوي راي خواهم داد! اما چنين نيست! من عضو اين لجن زار سبز نيستم! من با تاسف به احمدي نژاد راي خواهم داد اگر چه از طرفداران خود او نيستم! من داراي تفكر ديگري هستم كه نه شهاب نيوز (خصوصا در بند هفتم مقاله اش)، نه هيچ كدام از شما مردمي كه فكر مي كنيد حقيقت را مي دانيد، يا من را درك كرده ايد و مي شناسيد، آن ها را در معادلاتتان حساب كرده ايد!

پي نوشت: آخرين صحبت هاي خاص موسوي براي مخاطبان قرتي اش:
1- من يك بسيجي ام!
2- در حمايت هايتان به شئونات اسلامي احترام بگذاريد (نقل به مضمون)

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افسانه سیزیف said...

I cannot believe you wrote that !! I cannot believe you voted for Ahmadinejad ... !
mmmmm ........ i am shocked!

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