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Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Picture is:

To some people, Just a few people playing music,

To some Iranians, a half-naked woman, doing [prohibited thing], [loud and perhaps satanic (according to the electric guitar!)] music, And enough reason for blocking this weblog,

To Some other it might be Jeff beck and Joss Stone performing

To Me, full of love! The Love of Playing Guitar, The Love Of Singing your lungs out barefoot, and Specially The eternal passion in playing bass guitar, If u have ever happened to see the girl at the back, Tal!

But Most of All
This Picture is an interesting shot by Ross Halfin!i

اين عكس:

براي بعضي صحنه ايست از چند نفر در حال موزيك زدن

براي بعضي ايراني ها هم يعني يك زن نيمه برهنه درحال مطربي گري، موزيك "تند" و دليل كافي براي فيلتر كردن اين وبلاگ

براي بعضي ديگر يعني جف بك و جاس استون

براي من؟ پر از عشق! پر از لذت گيتار زدن، عشق و لذت خالي كردن ريه ها از احساس -پا برهنه- و خصوصا اگر اشتياق و لذت ابدي در نواختن گيتار بيس از "تل"، دختري كه در پشت ايستاده است را از نزديك ديده باشيد

اما بالاتر از تمام اين حرف ها،
اين عكس يك شات خوب ديگر از راس هافن است!

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