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Saturday, April 18, 2009

They Hate Saturday Morning instead of Monday's in Iran

Good Morning Everyone!

Let Me Tell you that
Today is a Very good day!
For you To Roll in to your Cars Again
Riding up the Streets
Or Down
and Repeating
Your Daily Routine
for Another week
Till the End
And Again,
Week to week
ONe after Another
For Me
To Acclaim
- Based on the Normal Routine Life of all these people
who are doing their lifetime -
That I Need something Totally Different
A Lil abnormal as you'd say!

صبح همگي بخير!

بگذاريد به شما بگويم
امروز روز خوبي است
براي شما تا دوباره بغلتيد در ماشين هايتان
تاكسي ها
اتوبوس ها
مترو ها،
خيابان ها را پايين تا بالا
بالا تا پايين
و تكرار كنيد
همان جريان عادي زندگي تان را
براي يك هفتهء ديگر
تا آخر
و همينطور
هفته به هفته
يكي پس از ديگري
براي من
كه استناد كنم به جريان عادي زندگي اين همه آدم
كه هر روز آن را پي مي گيرند
كه من زندگي كاملا ديگري مي خواهم
كمي غير عادي تر مثلا.

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