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Monday, April 20, 2009

Has Sth To Do with "The Ski Bum" By Romain Gary

Lenni is Telling the Idiot inside:
You have come down the mountains Too much, Boy!i

Ofcourse The Alborz Mountains in Iran Not the Alpine!

PS.: I'd Really Appreciate it if anybody could provide me the English Book or PDF file anyhow.

لني داره به ايديت درون ميگه:
تو زيادي از كوهستان پايين اومدي پسر!

كه البته منظور از كوهستان، آلپ نيست و همين البرزه

پي نوشت: كسي كتاب خداحافظ گاري كوپر رو به انگليسي داره؟ حالا چه كتاب يا بصورت فايل يا...؟


Ali Bitarafan said...

give it to me too, I'm desperate to get my hands on it.

Iranian idiot said...

contact me and I will send the English book to you.

SomeLikeItHot said...

Salam doostam!

I'm searching for a while now, it's nowhere on the web for me.
Any possibility you can send it to me too? I already sent you an e-mail to the yahoo-adress of this blog. ;)

Kheyli mamnoon! =)

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