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Monday, August 01, 2011

1126 - Eh?

Blaming Facebook
is like
Taking the blame on British Airways for instance
For having some Iranian Passengers
Who take their time stuffing the locker above their seat
and the one on the opposite row
And The Front seat's and the back seat's Locker as well
With bags and take whichever seat they please.

You want to use Google+, For the circles,
options for restricting your "friends", or whatever the heck reason, Fine! Enjoy!
Just don't bullshit Facebook for the misuse please!

فیس بوک را مورد سرزنش قرار دادن
مثل اینست که بگوییم
تقصیر مثلا از خطوط هوایی بریتیش ایرویز است
که بعضی مسافران ایرانی،
سر فرصت انواع کیف و ساک رو
می چپونن توی کمد بالا سر خودشون
ردیف کنارشون و آدم پشت سر و جلوشون
و هر صندلی ای که عشقشون کشید می نشینند.د

1 comment:

The Daily Poster said...

Dude. Nice to see ya stoppin by

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