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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This Freaking Hymen thing is one of the most Critical points
in the life of every failed youth who thought he was on the road to the Truth,
That he'll reach to that someday and he'll get dazed
when he finds out about the philosophy behind the fact of "having it or not having it"!
in a way that he'd define girls in only 2 groups from then:i

- one who he can spend the night over at her place
- the other, a girl who he must be sleeping only with her, everynight, and under some specific legal circumstances.i

Now which group are the virgins and which are not,
is your very own "Homework"!i

Just remember if someday, like Idiot, you ever happened to
Turn the table and go for finding yourself
or finding the Truth
Destiny or any other fucking thing you may call it,
of the dangerous group,
Or You'll be totally screwed!i

I'm Talking About the Virgins!
Just the time you put yourself into a relationship with one of them,
You get so involved that you think you have found what you were always looking for
or you have already "GOT" that
and you might never understand
for the rest of your life that "THIS" wasnt "THAT",
Or You'll notice that sometime that you are too far from your Youth qualities...i

اين بكارت لعنتي هم يكي از بحراني ترين نقطه ها
در زندگي هر جوان وامانده ايست كه فكر مي كرد در جادهء منتهي به حقيقت است،
كه بالاخره روزي با آن برخورد و فلسفهء پشت داشتن يا نداشتن آن،
شديدا او را متحير خواهد كرد!
طوري كه آن روز، دختران را تنها در دو دسته جاي خواهد داد:

- يكي آنهايي كه مي تواند امشب را خانه اش بخوابد
- ديگري آنهايي كه هر شب فقط بايد با او بخوابي، تحت شرايط خاص قانوني.

حالا اينكه كدام گروه همان دختران باكره هستند
و كدام گروه نيستند، "تكليف شب" شماست!

فقط اگر روزي شما هم هوس كرديد
مثل ايديت بزنيد زير همه چيز و برويد دنبال پيدا كردن خودتان،
يا پيدا كردن حقيقت،
يا آزادي،
سرنوشت يا هر زهر مار ديگري كه اسمش را بگذاريد،
حواستان باشد
گرفتار آن دستهء خطرناكش نشويد!
والا كلكتان كنده است!

باكره ها را مي گويم!
همين كه با يكي از انواع آنها رابطه برقرار كرديد
آن طور درگيرش مي شويد كه فكر مي كنيد زندگي را پيدا كرده ايد
يا "تشكيل" اش داده ايد
و شايد
تا آخر عمرتان هم درك نكنيد كه اين آن نبود،
و يا وقتي به آن پي ببريد كه ديگر از جواني افتاده باشيد...

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