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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

for now, I just write this Just to reply your Comment. which has been repeated in my mind since the first second that I read it.
I'm Not Okey! There is something wrong and New. I really dont know what it is.
Thoughts Crush into each other, remain unfinished, like a life ended up in an accident.
Its been a while that I forget things easily, let alone things that I think about, Even when I decide to run a lyric, go to a folder, open a file, I suddenly forget what I really wanted to do in less than a second! I hold my head in my hands and close my eyes and desperately Try to remember what I wanted to do...
I've been Wondering, I've become a Psycho. I cant stay home. I cant stand Out. I've been trying to write stuff, but I cant make up my mind. everything has crushed together.
You know, well, You have Felt "Tool" better than me, When I listen to "Message to harry manback I or II" I sometimes Stand up, disturbed on my mind, and take a few steps in my room, Like Something has bothered my mind.
I've done Things Wrong. I've done stuff wrong. And thats gonna get discovered soon.

Please Tell me, Whats the point of being an Iranian Anyway?
No matter if u r in or out of iran.
What is it?
What is it really?
What is the point of writing about the happenings in your life, resulted by your biggest challenge, I mean bigger than "living a life" - Not To Act and live alike or get Solvated in the Society and its Majority, with their freeaking culture and all those damn things...? I mean living like What Living a normal life can be! Sort of lives that you cant find in your own land!
How can you write about stuff that your visitors havent felt them? and dont have the slightest idea what it is? those who call you names on your back? People That they fell like they dont belong to you and where you live!

What is the point of being Iranian anyway?

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