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Monday, May 07, 2007

Local H

Today, Idiot Figured out the fact that
All These 18-19 years that He had been in search of himself
Havent Found
He had Even Lost Himself
Among The Aggregation Of People
In The Pages Of Obliging Books*
By The Weird Relationships Among People
And By All The Oriented Tv Shows which Had Made Him To Wear Glasses.
It Was Like
He was Fused In An Acid Society!

Now By All these
Idiot has promised himself not to React
also He's gonna Remain Irreflexive as well

cause Idiot Has already Found Something Else
He's Got Plenty Of Things In Mind!

This Cute Idiot...!

* - by that Idiot Means: Theology And Oriented History Books and Litretures,
'n Any Kind of Propaganda you can find in school books

امروز ایدیت فهمید
تمام این 18-19 سالی که بدنبال پیدا کردن خودش رفته بود
خودش را که پیدا نکرده بود هیچ
گم هم کرده بود
توی تودهء آدم ها
لای صفحات کتاب های اجباری
لابلای روابط عجیب انسانی
چشماش ضعیف شده بود با برنامه های تلویزیونی تجاری و جناحی
ذوب شده بود در یک جامعهء کاملا اسیدی

ایدیت دیگر نه واکنش می دهد
و نه حتی آن را نشان می دهد!

چون ایدیت یک چیز دیگر هم فهمیده است!
ایدیت چیزها در سر دارد!

این ایدیت دوست داشتنی

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