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Monday, September 01, 2008

i[Shitting, Grunting]i

Its like The More things The Land Iranians step upon has
the more they face that shortage!
I Mean The Biggest Oil Wells and Fuel crisis!
Largest Gas Wells and Gas Crisis at Winter!
2500 years of history and civilization, and total lack of civilized people!

And even now that we All step into shit all together everyday
Think we have to stop consuming food
which is not an unexpected matter
according to the dumb economic processes!

We Just Get Used to it!
as we always do!i

مثل اين است كه روي هر چيزي نشسته باشي
دچار كمبود آن هستي!
نفت و بحران بنزين!
گاز و كمبود گاز در زمستان!
2500 سال فرهنگ زير خاك، و بي فرهنگي!

حالا هم كه همه با هم در گه نشسته ايم
بايد در مصرف غذا صرفه جويي كنيم
كه با توجه به روند مسائل اقتصادي
چيز دور از انتظاري نيست!

عادت مي كنيم!

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